Run This: Running in San Diego

Running in San Diego is complex. A contradiction of beauty and congestion. A discrepancy between ghastly and grace.

The weather is epically lovely all the time. Honestly the climate is San Diego is like a bathing suits wet dream. There is always a beach/bike path within 20 minutes of anywhere you live. And the scenery is like something out of modern day Disney Channel original movie about kayaking with dolphins who have telepathy. Meaning, it’s beachy & gorgeous.


But cars as a constant running companion. There are freaking snakes lurking in bushes, on paths, and on even on sidewalks. Plus, there are outstanding runners at every stop sign, street light, and beach entrance. They seem to be staring at me as I hove past, thinking ” Is that as fast as you can go?”, “You’re a jogger..not a runner.”, and sometimes even “Get the hell out of my way or I will barrel you down!”.


So what can you do as a jogger, new runner, or semi-‘normal’ person who enjoys a good sprint?

Just run. Lace up your shoes and get to out and move. As I often think to myself on particularly unmotivated days, ‘This bitch ain’t gonna run itself.’


And when you do get out and hove past the ultra marathoners and you start enjoying the beauty more than the nightmare you end up thinking, “Wow, this is sensational.” Suddenly, you look forward to the views, weathers, running companions (including the occasional garden snake), and the running itself. Suddenly, you’re addicted to this beautiful nightmare of a thing called running, and it’s glorious!


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