Hike This: Glacier National Park


Sometimes a good hike is far better than a run. You have so much more time to talk, look around, and experience. Of course when you add time you have to add food, water, and more awkward girl squatting pee breaks while silently chanting the mantra, “…please don’t let me pee on myself, please don’t let me pee on my self…” But in all honesty when your in a place as majestic as Glacier National Park who gives a crap!

Montana’s Glacier National Park is easily one of the most dazzling places I have ever had the luxury of visiting. It is like if Epic & Stunning had a baby. Mountain peaks meet glacial lakes that are surrounded by wild flowers..and there are goats & moose there! Like…come on! IMG_6237 When you go do try as many trials as possible. I can’t stress enough how spectacular ever inch of this national park is! There are super easy trails like St. Mary’s Valley trail or Lake McDonald Valley trail and then there are crazy challenging hikes like Many Glacier’s trail or Granite Park Chalet trail. Do them all, or as many as you can because they are all diversely splendid.

Our personal favorite was the in Many Glacier. It was an 11 mile hike up to  Grinnell Glacier; here is a map of Many Lake & Logan Pass area of the park. The trail head itself is well marked with adequate parking. The hike is 5.5 out with a 1,600 elevation gain. Difficulty wise I would give it a 7 out of 10 for the pure length & gain in elevation.  If you get past the sheer rock faces, change in altitude, and rocky patches you will come to a small crystal clear lake & mighty albeit shrinking glacier. We were lucky enough to have lunch there.

If you can make it do and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Hike & be merry. As John Muir said, “…wilderness is necessity…”.


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