Eat That: Review: Whole Foods Hummus

Facts About Hummus:

  • Hummus or houmous is a Levantine treat.
  • Hummus literally means what it is; Chickpeas & tahini.
  • It can help with brain, cell, and heart health!
  • Hummus is high in iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and foliate.
  • Per 30grams (about 2 tablespoons) 1 gram of fiber & 2 grams of protein & only 60 calories!


Review: Whole Foods Market Organic Hummus

This sh*t is the boom! I know I’m so 2000 & lame but for shizzle-my-nizzle this stuff brings me back to a time when I was shocked by home good somethings could taste. Of course by in the day my favorites were Cookie-Crisp Cereal & Marie Calendars Chicken Pot Pie but none the less.

I mean, I kinda like hummus; it’s okay. But this hummus takes it to a whole new level.

It is smooth without being too liquify but unlike it’s fellow hummus peers it has more of a velvety texture to their shag-carpet-kinda-chunky thing. It is bursting with garlic flavor and has the perfect amount of acid. It’s crowning ingredient is a slight amount of cayenne pepper. Just take a look at this ingredient list & calorie breakdown.


My only qualm with this famous hummus? It’s expensive. At around $9 for 16 oz. it is on the upper end of what I’m willing to pay. So what makes me buy it every time? There is no other hummus that tastes as good; thus, I might as well buy something I love for more than buy something I kinda like for cheaper. Is that the definition of foodie YOLO? I believe it is folks…I believe it is.


Want to make the Whole Foods Market Hummus at home? Here is the recipe straight from their website.

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