Run This: San Dieguito River Park

IMG_2381With my rocking celestial pants on I made my way out the door at 9:30am with the sun shinning at 75 degrees, I knew it would be a hot one. Running down the coast toward the river path I began to lose myself, as I sometimes do, in thoughts. This element of losing oneself, of pure thought without filter or structure, is one of the main reasons I fell in love with running. But I digress. The San Dieguito River Park’s beach element starts at the Dog Beach in Del Mar, on the south end of the bridge on the lagoon side. The path is naturally kept with spectacular views of the river & inlet. In time, the path will lead all the way to Julian, take a look at the interactive map provided by San Dieguito River Conservancy.

IMG_2455IMG_2456Out and back from the start of the path to behind the Albertson’s Shopping center is 2 miles, totaling 4 if you go out and back as I did. The path is well maintained with little to no elevation gain. On top of that their is some beautiful wild life. Both times I have run the path I have seen swans, herrings, ducks, and seagulls. The waterway is also a nature preserve with small sharks, sting rays, sea-bass, and all manner of fish swimming up it. Believe me, I’ve asked the fishers that dock the path of a warm weekend morning.

IMG_2461Not a great picture, but that’s a little black and red hummingbird just chilling on the path.

IMG_2467Running from my favorite starting spot totals 6 miles of beautiful views at an easy pace! Easily a ‘Run That’ situation.

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