Tarla Bergman

I run to eat & eat to run.

Where I’m from: San Diego

Favorites: my dog Abbigail-Buttercup Bergman, hubby, chocolate, almond butter, the magic of baking.

Dislikes: black jelly beans, snakes, dog-poop on my shoes.


5 years ago my mom and I made a New Years resolution to run a half marathon. At the time we thought we were being crazy! Run? We weren’t athletes by any means. I did some yoga, went to the gym, but dreaded the idea of pounding pavement so it seemed like a fun challenge. We started training with 2 miles a day, which led to 4 miles a day, and then longer runs: 6 miles, 9 miles, 13 miles, and eventually full marathons.

What started as a New Years resolution became a passion.

An odd thing happened that first year training. I have always been a huge foodie; I love to cook, eat, create recipes, anything food related; however, I started to burn more calories running, thus I got to eat more. But what I craved wasn’t just the stuff I had denied myself for most of my adolescence it was food that would fill and sustain me. I feel in love with the power of food to heal, help, and fuel.


Through the power of exercise & intuitive food choices I started to love myself as a women, athlete, and body.

Like I said, I run to eat & eat to run.

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