Wear This: Review: speed tight iii (mesh) – lululemon

speed tight iii (mesh) | women’s pants | lululemon athletica.


These pants/tights are amazing! I wore them this morning for my 5 am run and they were a perfectly perfect. These are the Meryl Streep in Sofie’s Choice of running pants; that is to say, on-point! (was that a twisted reference? I think so)


What I love about these pants:

They are warm but have mesh at the calf region for cooling as you heat up.

They have a two built in pockets on the thigh region. Perfect for a cell phone, tissue, or stick of gum.

They have a well counseled back zipper pocket.

They are tight & thus don’t fall down as you run.

They look Hella Good!


Things I don’t love about these pants:

They are $98.00


Typically the cost of LuLu is all I dislike about their items. They last forever, are made well, are fit for any activity, make your ass look hot, and are water & sweat resistance. In my opinion, if you have the cash, spend it on an amazing pair of running/yoga pants that will last you 5+years.

In fact, I did some math.

Let’s say I wear my lovely speed tights 3 times a month for 3 years, making a total 108 wears. If I take the total cost of the tights and divide it by the very reasonable number of wears then I am only paying .90 cents for each time I wear the tights.  Holy crap, that’s not bad at all! Thanks Ms. Cello (3rd grade teacher), math is cool and I DO use it in my everyday life!

Buy them Here.

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