Run This: San Diego Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon

3:45 am: wake up

4:00 am: leave house

4:48 am: park at San Diego Convention Center (about 18 minutes of traffic)

5:32 am: arrive at Balboa Park (line for shuttle about 20 minutes)

6:50 am : half marathoners start

7:12 am: we cross starting line

9:36 am: we cross finishing line

2:13pm: VGs chocolate old fashion donut and wine with family

This is the fourth time over the past five years I have run this particular race. Since I started in 2010 the race has gotten bigger, the course has improved, the band number has been reduced, and the finishers treats have become more and more processed. But for me, this race is far more than just another 1/2 marathon. It’s a family affair because for the past five years I have run this one with my mom and sister. We don’t run for time or glory. We run to chat, experience something together, and to eat VGs donuts post race. It has become a tradition of health that every year we plan & look forward to.

Review of San Diego Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon


  • fairly flat & easy run
  • loads of water stations
  • plenty of ‘bathroom’ locations throughout run (you do have to wait a little though)
  • great community support along the run
  • well organized
  • great people watching
  • runner & walkers of all paces

Major Highlights: drummers at mile 10 and male cheerleaders dressed at women at mile 3 & 9.


  • expensive (race sign-up, expo-parking, parking race-day, & shuttle)
  • downhills were intense & hard on knees
  • finishing medal looks cheap
  • ‘salted watermelon’ GU (the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth….)

2015-05-31 06.36.35

One incredible highlight specific to this run was hearing Harriette Thompson, the 92 year old cancer survivor, talk before the race started. Her voice had such warmth & energy. I think a great many of us present thought, “I hope I can still be half as amazing & healthy when I’m 92”. What an inspiration!

Overall, I love this race. It is flat, well put together, and great fun for all ages and running paces.

My advice is to purchase race day pass as early as you know you want to run thus you save yourself a little cash for all the additional stuff you end up paying for.

So next year I hope you’ll RUN THIS with me and my family!

2015-06-02 06.31.31 HDR
Day after run b-fast: muesli with sheep milk yogurt, blackberries, bananas, and chia seeds. I ate like an hour afterwards too:)

Have you ran a Rock & Roll? Post your pros & cons in comments below!

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